Saturday, 17 March 2018

Hello my crafty friends

Hello my crafty friends ... hope you are all well ... sorry I have been MIA ... busy busy ... and wow where does the time go ?? ... I promise to catch up with you all ...

are you looking forward to the return of the beast ... we had quite a bit of snow but don't think it will come to much ... hope you all keep safe and warm

this was taken from our front bedroom window br .....

here are a few of my crafty creations ... thank you for visiting 

thank you for visiting

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Stix2 on create and craft

hi there my crafty friends ... just had my lunch in my craft room and watching create and craft at the same time ... very interesting programme ... don't know if you watched it or can catch up with it on the catch up ... it was 1pm on create and craft on Thursday 22nd February ...  there was a lovely lady on there Michelle who was just giving ideas ... have made a note of them because I will forget otherwise

ink used was distress

ink used was archival

ink used was distress ink

ink used was versafine

First tip ...
these  backgrounds were done with one of her "tips" ... using one of your embossing folders ... just drag an ink pad over the inside of the folder and then put paper inside the folder (I used shiny photo paper) spritz with water (from a high for small dots or lower down for splodges ) shut the folder and press over with your hand or a brayer ... the photos obviously show both the positive and negative sides of the embossing folder

didn't know you could do this ...

Second tip ...
use a strip of ultra strong double sided sticky tape pull off the backing sheet  ... I think you could use any double sided tape and cover with embossing powder and heat ... I have done this before with glitter but like the idea of using embossing powder

Third tip ...
On brown craft card use glue to "paint" an image like a flower or heart or similar and cover with white embossing powder then heat

hope all this makes sense now off to play ... have fun and thank you for stopping by

ps ... just been playing and ... the folder above with the little train really got me  wondering ... I couldn't think what I could do with it as it didn't colour well when I had embossed it ... but when I had used the ink system above it was easier to see "what was what " if you know what I mean ... here is what happened when I coloured in the inked project ...
btw the folder was free with the papercraft essentials magazine this month ... also some super adventure stamps ... hope you had as much fun as I have had if you managed to get them

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

oh my goodness just had to show you some photos

oh my goodness ... just had to show you some photos of my amazing Grace at her dance show on Sunday she was in 6 group dances and it bought me and her mummy Sally to tears ... the teacher is called Miss Caroline and she was also in tears at the end in the final because some of her prodigy's who have been with her for years are leaving and moving on to work ... one a doctor one going on to stage work and her own son was going in to singing and acting ... ooo sorry to go on but I am so very proud of her ... here are the photos ...  not very good because they are taken from photos bought on the night we were not allowed to take photos during the performance

 all from her ballet

this one was systematic from grease  ...  

Gracie is in the middle 

and this is the card I made for Miss Caroline to say thank you and to tell her just how much we all enjoyed it

oh and by the way Ollie her brother won the draw which was a "mans" hamper with a signed Portsmouth players football with a letter of signature authenticity ... so he was a happy bunny too

thank you for stopping by and sorry to go on !!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

hi there my crafty friends ... had a bit of an emergency call

oops ... had an emergency call from mother-in-law ... she had forgotten a card ... can I help out ... !! of course a quick dash to the craft room AND ... ta dah

I couldn't find a backing paper I liked so I "dragged" ( is that a word lol ) a weathered wood tim holtz distress ink over a white card and then stamped a little rock and roll themed card for her ... the stamps are mostly from my new Sheena Douglass music and dance collection and a couple from the works (see below) only £1 and very good fillers if needed.

very pleased with how it turned out hope MIL likes it too

Hope you are having a good week ... been a bit cold but a lovely sunny day 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

hello my crafty friends and thats another weekend gone !!

my goodness where did that weekend go !!

I have been busy playing in my craft room today ... did go out early but phew its too flippen cold to stay out long and isn't it lovely and warm when you get home lol ...

anyway posting a couple or four little makes they are not for anyone or thing special at the moment will put a sentiment on when they are needed ... "ones for the waiting box" as they say xx

the embossing folder is one of the new 3D ones that came free the new crafters companion magazine

the circle is made using one of the works circle dies

this was made using a butterfly stamp and a die to cut it out ... so much easier than cutting it out with scissors

this is the card above but laying down for effect lol 

hope you have a good week ... if you can leave a message I will visit you back xx

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

another wet and dark day !!

Good morning all ... and another orrid wet dark day ... good job I got my towels dry yesterday ... I really don't know how people with a family are managing to get their washing dry ...

anyway I am on a roll with my cards at the moment ... the first one is for my lovely son ... he is very happy with his new fiancé and they have started dancing ... never would have thought my 6ft 4 son would be dancing .... the card I have made is using the free stamps in the creative stamping magazine and couldn't resist buying them because of the dance ... as my lovely granddaughter Gracie loves to dance too ... there is a photo at the bottom of the post of her in her dance outfit last weekend ...

Happy birthday Shaunie

close up of sentiments done on my computer

Happy birthday to my cousin in NZ

Gracie at her dance competition she was dancing and singing to "all I want"
thank you for stopping by and if you can leave a message I will visit you too ... have a great week

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hello and its the weekend again !!

Hello again and its the weekend again !! where ever does the time go ... hope you are all well ... its another yukkie wet and miserable day here so where better to be than in my craft room

had another order for cards from mother - in - law and a couple of cards I had to make for family

this one is for my lovely son and daughter in law

one for my nephew

an order from mother - in - law

an order from mother - in - law

thank you for stopping by hope you all have a super weekend 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

hello there my crafty friends

Hope all is well with you all ... we are fine down ere in Waterlooville ... but it very cold and wet and grey ... so what's new eh ??  I would rather have it cold and bright ... hate the wet weather ho hum ... moan over

here are two little cards made for friends ... both very similar and the same colour too

thank you for visiting ... will pop over and visit you now ... have a good week

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Wow I'm back ... at last

ooo had an awful time ... got logged out and couldn't post anything ... then my phone wouldn't talk to my puter !!! ... so frus

I have now had to start scanning my photos again but never mind ... WE/I can work round this little problem ha ha ... blogger cant get me !!

hope you are all well ... bit grey again and I have succumbed to using my tumble dryer ... got fed up with hanging my washing on the line and then bringing it in wetter than when I put it out ... would love a lovely sunny day !!

anyway moans all over here are a few of my cards made recently ... some from my phone and some scanned ...

thank you for visiting xx
from us for our lovely dancer gracie

from great grandma who is 93 ... made by me of course

for a dear aunt going through a difficult time

for a poorly uncle

for my nephews son on his christening day

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Hello my dear crafty friends ... and sorry

I am unable to post photos at the moment ... I need to get dear hubby to have a look at my phone ... it is not talking to my blog for some reason ... ooooooo so frus eh ??

I hope to be back posting really soon

thank you for always visiting and leaving such lovely messages ... and please watch this space

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Oh my goodness ... my lovely granddaughter has her arms full

Our Amazing Grace

Our "amazing Grace" ... with her dance awards ... she achieved ... the  most outstanding all rounder performer,
and an acro award and intermediate ballet award, she lives for dance ... just as her brother lives for football

wow love her to bits ... 

thank you for stopping by and happy new year to you all xx