Thursday, 17 August 2017

a couple of little cards using my new embossing folder

hello there my crafty friends ... managed to get hold of the new 3D embossing folder from the crafters inspiration magazine  ... just love it ... and have used my gilding wax on it too ...

Sorry should have said it is only on the second card lol ... But spect you realised that 😊
hope you are having a great week

this card is also made using one of the circle nestie die cuts that I got from The works ... lovely

thank you for visiting my blog and if you can leave a message I will get back to you xx

Friday, 11 August 2017

hubby is on the mend ... and new stash !!

hi there my crafty friends ... hubby is on the mend thank goodness ... didn't want to look in his mouth tho lol ...

went to the market in the village today and got some great crafty bits in one of the charity shops ... the lady said £2 ... but I felt really bad and gave her £3 ... a real bargain ...

just love the little pots of embossing powder have not seen them before ... they are probably so old they wont work but worth a go ... don't know if you can read the instructions on the pots but it says
"expose the image to a heat source i.e. light bulb toaster or low grill"
the address says blue cat toys Silver Street South Cerney Glos GL7 5TS

here is a photo of the goodies ... cant wait to start trying them out

oh dear sorry ... don't seem to be able to add a photo ... will try again later xx

well that's strange ... shut down and went for dinner ... now working ... how does that happen !!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

toothy peg out ouch !!

okie my dear friends ... well that will do for now ... I LOVE THE NEW LOOK  ... not sure about the blue ... but got other things to get on with ...

love to hear what you think !! ... please don't say go back to what it was ... coz no idea what it was lol

what an awful day ... don't think it has stopped raining all day ...

had to go with dear hubby to have a tooth extraction (him that is ... not me !) ... he is feeling very sore now ... it was a big back tooth and was impacted ... two stiches that are dissolvable hope it heals ok

have a good week everybody ... hope the weather improves

Sunday, 6 August 2017

A work in progress lol...

A work in progress ...  Decided it's about time for a change in my blog bits ... maybe a while before I am happy with it ... but please watch this space .

hope you are all having a great weekend


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

having fun with my new freebie from the cardmaking and papercraft magazine this month

hi there my crafty friends ... its a wet and miserable day here today so been having a play in my craft room ... just received my cardmaking and papercraft magazine issue 173 ... super embossing borders

here is my first card

just love these words ... enlarged so you can read them properly 
also ... I smudged the borders with my new Pebeo gilding wax that I got 
at the Portsmouth sincerely yours show last month ...
bit smudgie but its my first go ... 

also below a little card made using a gorjuss girls decoupage kit 
the word says hugs hope you can read it ... it was one of my freebie dies
from china and they are a bit small ... I have a bit of a job reading them
when I am going to cut them ... ho hum they were so cheap so no problems lol 

thank you for looking ... and if you can leave a message I will visit you too 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

an embossed envelope

h there ... no cards from me yet today ... but I wanted to show you an envelope that I embossed ... just love how it turned out ... just hope the label stays on lol

hope you all have a great weekend

if you can leave a comment I will visit you xx

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

just a couple of little cards

hello my crafty friends ... hope you got some sleep last night ... bit stormy here ... but not as bad as some have had ... it feels a lot cooler ... don't know if it is going to last

a couple of little cards today ...
a sympathy card for a dear friend who has lost her dad

a little thank you for a fellow crafter 

thank you for stopping by ... and if you can leave a message I will get back to you ... have a good week xx

Thursday, 13 July 2017

well I have been a bit busy ... my crafty friends

happy birthday to my dear daughter in law

happy birthday to a dear friend 

happy birthday to my dear mother in law 
thank you card to a fellow crafter

happy wedding day to my dear friend whose daughter is getting married

thank you for stopping by and if you have time to leave a message I will get back to you ... have a great weekend xx

Friday, 7 July 2017

another new home card

hi there my crafty friends ... how are you loving the sun ... I adore it but was actually looking forward to the big storm they promised ... guess what !! ... it didn't arrive not even a spot of rain ...

ho hum ... not moaning

on to my little card ... there are a couple more that I cant add yet as I know the recipients will read my blog and may have not received their cards yet lol ... watch this space ...

home is where the heart is 

this little one has a long way to travel it is for my dear cousin and her husband who have moved from the north Island in New Zealand to the south island ... she is going to live in a retirement village nearer to her family ... so I wish her luck ...

enjoy your weekend everybody ... and if you leave a message I will visit you too xx

Friday, 30 June 2017

new crafty bits ...

hi there my crafty friends ... went to the sincerely yours craft fair last Sunday and got some lovely bits ... the problem is I have not had time to play with them all lol ... as I have said many times before "how ever did I have time to go to work" ... anyway I am sure I will get round to it really soon ...

 two little cards ...

happy birthday Kelly

this card is for our sons new girlfriend ... soon to become fiancé ... it is her birthday tomorrow

the sentiment 

this card is made using some new Sheena stamps that I got at the show ... love Sheenas stuff 

thank you for stopping by if you can leave a message I will visit you too ... have a great weekend 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

rice paper !!

hi there my crafty friends ... well its just too hot to do anything lol ... so I am having a play in my craft room ...

I was watching hochanda a while back and saw Samantha Braund make a sort of foe rice paper / decopatch paper ...

had a try and this is my first effort ...

it is actually done using tissue paper ... don't know why I have never thought about this before ... be really nice with patterned tissue paper ...

but as you can see ... you just stamp your image on the tissue paper cut it out and tease the edges with a water brush (oh and my Chinese  teapot has special water lol ) ... I found it easier to lay the cut image on my glass cutting mat and pull around the image with the my fingernail

don't really know what I am going to do with it ... but ho hum had fun

Saturday, 17 June 2017

phew its a bit hot down here in Waterlooville :) ....

not complaining but its a wee bit hot down here ... well they said it was going to be ... maybe summer is here ... not holding my breath tho lol ... hope you are all enjoying the sunshine

here are my cards

this is for my son who is going to ask his girlfriend to marry 
him when they move into their new home

one for mother in law to give the happy couple 

new home card from us

little tag at top (cute)

for mother in law to give them 

thank you for stopping by ... hope you all have a great weekend

Sunday, 11 June 2017

phew just finished the order for mother-in-law :)

well that's mother-in-law sorted until September lol ... here are the last few cards

hope you have had a super weekend ... bit windy down here but lovely and sunny too ... have a good week and thank you for stopping by

Saturday, 10 June 2017

hello crafters and happy weekends ...

well we don't work so the weekends are about the same for us really but love seeing the family at the weekend ... have been busy with an order I received from dear mother-in-law ... 7 cards in all ...

James age 7

card for Sally our daughter in law and mum to
Gracie and Ols 

the digi image on this bottom one reminds me of my wonderful grandchildren and of course mother-in-laws great grandchildren and they are great lol

thank you for stopping by ... hope you have a great weekend xx